You Shattered Mirrors In Italy

I dreamt of your scent
as the ocean gave way
A thousand moons ago
When the borders crossed the shore

I dreamt of your body
Breathing soft against the night
A thousand moons ago
When my eyes were made of light

I dreamt of your voice
I heard it everywhere I went
A thousand moons ago
When our latitudes met

I dreamt of a secret
Kept far behind the tongue
A thousand moons ago
When our love had just begun

I dreamt of your pulse
And the blood that fills your veins
A thosand moons ago
When the honeymoon unwed

I dreamt you were a lover
And I fought to keep you near
A thousand moons ago
Before I let you disappear

You shattered mirrors in Italy
And I wasn't there
A thousand moons ago
A thousand moons yet to repair

And in my heart
A beating starts


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