Two Wrecks (Don't Make a Right)

I want to run from your modern age.
All your friends are gone,
& my habits are too.
Don’t you tell me who or what to believe in!
I know it all,
but all I want is some truth…

There’s no point of view I missed:
I saw the spoils,
I saw the mess,
I was born to live in bliss.

If there’s a point to all of this,
please tell me what the hell it is!
I was born into ignorance.

Keep your hands off my golden age!
All your words are lazy,
& your body is too.
Never met a man more blind
(to history)
I’ve known it all along…
so just give me some truth!

I live in color,
& dream of you in black and white.
I lost an hour to watch you waste your whole life.
I am an artist,
you don't have a fucking clue!
It doesn't take a prophet
to see there's no future in you.

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