A Way To See It

it’s a pity that the flood
turned our castles into mud
let the ocean turn my way
before the sky turns it away
it’s a curse, it’s a dream
it’s a fatal wounded scream
sleeping dogs can never lie
said the tower to the sky
another mouth from the mother
another hand to another
wave hello, wave goodbye
waves collapse before they try
we don’t practice, we just preach
that the future’s out of reach
that the past is a disease
& the present can’t be beat

all carried away, ocean, sky, the rain parades through the garden is streams of golden breath, your hair falls across the highway as your mouth makes waste of the memories crashing across the dark, wet sea of haze, sitting still despite the ache in your bones, you are never alone, in the spring you ran away from the city, in the summer you fell for another left hook, and now the first thing that catches your eye is the weather of another.

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