The Ghost

When I see you I can’t keep my path,
My thoughts can’t follow a track
Unless it leads to your door,
I still need more and more

I can hardly remember to breath
I can’t even straighten my knees
I’ve never been a praying man
But you left me praying again,
As ships disappear in the rain

You’re out of view,
 & I am too,
If it’s about what the eyes can see

I know you think I’m chasing Spring
And all the things new weather brings
And you’re a current in a sea,
A promise of uncertainty
That isn’t half of the truth,
I don’t know the whole truth,
In my fever I can promise you this:

Every little look ends nothing,
Maybe unspoken names to ears ringing

It hurts when I see you
It hurts when I don’t

How can I hope to give up the ghost?

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