Change Is

I caught a glimpse of the sky,
Forever and high
In the watery grave of your deep blue eyes;
I sank like a stone
All I'd ever known
& died as a fortune teller
Seeking a throne;

So alone
In the world
The mind tries to survive
By separating touch from
The object inside;

In my room I build a theater,
a shadow for the Sun,
a curtain for the Moon, a garden for the Swan
& tend to these bruises
Of ego and hate;
I finish my portion,
I eat the plate

The knee is crooked
Smile is bent,
The attitude is fatal,
I need more friends;

My position is fixed,
My fear is a fence
That keeps me from reaching the garden of ends;

You sink my fleet,
You catch my breath,
You turn the other cheek
And pay my debt;

The holy is lonely
The ignorant bliss
Of asking too much
From nothingness

The blues swirl above like Miles in the sky,
I listen for the look
I find in your eyes
A balancing act
Impossible to follow
That flows like the wine that keeps me in circles

The vultures of culture,
The witches of greed,
The weather of another chemical dream

In place of the living as vampires do
The blood of the past is so overdue;

Checked out forever under a thousand false names
From Adam to Atom,
From birth to the grave;

Thirty-three is nothing but a number in the sand
Of the hourglass that tips
In favor of a man;

The middle of somewhere,
But nowhere all the same -
I know we are all the same.
I know we are all the same.

But that doesn't make a difference
To a point out in space,
And it doesn't paint a picture
From the lines on your face

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