For the forthcoming 2013 foreign capitols EP

David Berkovits: Voices & Guitars
Ben Feuer: Bass & Guitars
Sarah Keyes: Voices
Yuval Tal: Drums


Recorded and mixed by Yuval Tal
Mastered by James Dellatacoma
Artwork by Francis Thomas Capone


Oh, once I was here
Awash in the sea
Waiting for the storm,

You crawled out to me
Wanting to be near
The mouth of the war,

No more
Dreaming allowed
You've got the map
I've got the highway
We're somewhere
We shouldn't be
In the guts of the night
I go looking for 

I'm waiting for you, dear
To come back around
There's no name in your blame game
So I keep hanging around
I've got a cure for the curse, dear
I've got a fix on it now
I'm waiting for a new year
Outdated for the sound

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