No Smoking (A Cigarette)

As i sit
    on the stoop
facing a mind that races
                        ... so fast
when it tries to slow down and focus on the little things,

(exhale)     it doesn't manage to focus on them at all     !HAH!

even though it's all there,    untapped,
                                                              ready to be used 

It sits fixated by its own fixations

and doesn't really...    ever...     (inhale) get where its supposed to be going.

And even though i sing this very slow and probably too quiet to be heard


I still say 
that the old ways are the good ways,

and that    
one must   
always rise to the next place
                                             and always be honest and good and decent and true 


& give love and take love
and give music & take music
& give joy & take joy

(long exhale)

Butt instead,
      just back to the stoop
where I'm smoking a cigarette
for no good reason at all.


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