He waited for her his whole damn life
Thought safety in numbers was three is a crowd
No woman’s a witch
But smoke is a motherfucker
And fire’s no joke when it’s crawling up your throat

They got married in a fever
In a port during a storm
A seven month winter
Lifetime of old jokes
Never free to go wild
Never young enough or old
They kept to bed with their debts
And the shovels and the coal

Wrapped up in Winter
With no place to go
No language to speak
No new seeds to sow
Walking through the motions
At the end of the world
The radio hums
An impossible whir

The body is broken
The heart is a stone
The spirit is frozen
It wants to go home

Caught up in Winter’s grey ribbon parade
They waited for sorrow to curl up and fade
Found something in nothing
Too much to ask
Ambition fighting an impossible task

And fighting is everything when nothing else is
The point they were making
Was the point that they missed
The winter will strangle the flesh from the bone
The spirit is frozen
It wants to go home

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