Modern Man

Found my calling calling me a bad streak.
Destroyer sang, nostalgia left, I wept for days.
It’s been far too long in New York City,
The times are hard and people change.

I was never there to mend a flower,
I never gave a damn to your little cause.
Because that song was sung for better reasons,
I didn’t know I was half the man I was.

I was being real modern (you didn't know??)
I was being real modern (100 years too slow)
I was being a role model (for no working class)
Memories don't last when you're making them alone.

She paid back none of her debts on time.
I was pulled into her dark sway.
Though the winters are all the same...
I still miss them anyway.

"I wasn't breaking your heart,
I was breaking down."

Found no peace of mine in New York City,
It was 1984 all over again!
I was touched by a woman that struck white lightning:
I’ll never be shocked like that poor me again!

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