Cut Throats

Will I always find sorrow at the foot of my bed? 
Will I be cursed with nothing, for not knowing what I had?

Well, I wrestled with winter. That cold bitch won,
So I laid down my weapon and headed for the sun.

I was born to disappoint you...
You were born to be free.
I'll never give up.
Tried to make you my own.
If you ask me to, baby
In the winter of the night...
I still won't give up.
I danced like a fever,
While you slow dance with bad luck
You shook like a cold.
Across the nape of the night
Now I wait for no seasons.
I lie still with my demons,
I don't put up a fight.

Some people dying to find Jesus. 
Some people drowning in the mud.
I searched for her love everywhere,
Found nothing but bad blood.
I'm done waiting for a reason 
To let rain flood my bed. 
I'm not sleeping much these days,
They say I'm in over my head.

I wrestled with winter, but that cold bitch won.        
So I packed up my body and went on the run.
It's been thirty-one years coming, and even more time gone. 
I sing this old, crooked tune
Because I can't find the one.

Additional Vocals by Valentina Berkovits

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